Friday, September 9, 2011

Wedding Binder

Right after I got engaged my best friend gave me an awesome binder to organize all of the ideas that I had for the wedding.  Since then, every friend of mine who has gotten engaged has asked for a binder.  They are really simple to make. If you are in to scrap booking you could make this really fancy. I used scrapbook paper and a printer.

2 inch white binder with clear cover
page protectors
scrapbook paper
color paper
Printer or Circut

1. Decide what sections you want to include in the binder. I included the following: church, reception, attire, registry, honeymoon, music/photographer, flowers, guests and miscellaneous.

2. Cut your scrapbook paper to fit in the cover of the binder and then cut pieces to fit in the page protectors.

3. Using a printer or Circut, create title pages for the cover and each section.

4. Assemble the sections by placing the pages in the protectors and then put a tab on each section.

Example of a section in the binder.

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