About Us

We may be separated, but we are united by three things: love for our flyboys, careers in education, and a passion for cooking and crafting.

 Emily – A Northern Michigan girl at heart, I now reside wherever the Air Force sends my husband and I. I’ve always been drawn to food and great recipes, but when I got married, I decided it was time to turn my hobby into a passion. At our house, nothing ever comes from a box.

For my 24th birthday, my mom purchased me a sewing machine, which was the beginning of another new hobby. My first project was a table runner and I haven’t stopped sewing yet.

Cooking, crafting, sewing, and my job as a Para-professional keep me active, but I also enjoy cuddling with my adorable cat, Jazz and spending as much time as possible with my pilot husband.

 Juli – I am not a chef, I just love to cook. I was trained in the kitchen of my parents – my mom, a southerner who excels at comfort food, and my Montana-bred dad who pushes the boundaries of his meat and potato upbringing by exploring exotic cuisine. I watched; I learned; I experimented.

Born in Tennessee and raised throughout the United States, I settled in Colorado, where I met my pilot husband.  I completed a Bachelor’s degree in English and Master’s degree in Education at the University of Colorado and, upon completion, discovered that middle school had claimed my heart – I taught 6th-8th grade English, Drama, and Gifted /Talented for six years. When my husband was selected for the Air National Guard, we, and our young daughter, caught the Air Force wave across the country. I am now enjoying some beloved time at home with my daughter, with more time to pursue my enthusiasm for writing and cooking, and a new-found interest in crafting.

 Kim - I am a Maryland girl gone military wife and to keep myself occupied, I taught myself how to cook and sew. My cooking inspiration comes from my father, who always adds his special touch to any meal, and my Mississippi-born grandmother whose cooking always has that southern charm. I decided to take on other "domestic" hobbies as well once I got married.

My ultimate passion is teaching. I have a degree in Elementary Education and taught middle school Language Arts and Social Studies for four years. I also have experience with elementary school Math. My husband's career in the United States Marines has kept me out of the classroom, but my passion for teaching and sharing ideas has stayed strong.

Arriving at pilot training with our husbands, the three of us formed an instant bond over our shared passions. While we each pursued our own blogs to share our fascinations with food and crafting, one day we decided, why not combine? Thus began Fly Girls – a one-stop destination for all your cooking, crafting, sewing, and teaching needs.