Tuesday, September 27, 2011

T- Shirt Activity

I am now dedicated to spicing up our "Teaching" section of Fly Girls. This activity is great for the first week of school when you are trying to get to know your students.  It can also be modified as a fun, artsy activity for the students to do in any subject. I am a big fan of tricking kids into thinking they are doing "fun work" when really it is the same as just writing their answers on paper.

First you need an outline of a shirt or really any object you wish. Here is one I found on Google.com:

Blow the T shirt outline up to an 8x10 size. Each student will need one shirt.

And here is the activity:

As we begin a new school year and meet new people it is important that we get to know each other.  On the back of this paper you will find an outline of a t-shirt.  Follow the directions and decorate your t-shirt so we can all learn about each other.

1.   Around the collar write an alliterative adjective that goes with your name.  Example: Brilliant Bob
2.   In the middle of the t-shirt draw three things you enjoy doing.
3.   On the right sleeve name your favorite subject.
4.   On the left sleeve write an adjective people use when describing you.
5.   On the bottom of the t-shirt write one goal that you have for the school year.