Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fleece Boa Scarf

As the temperatures start to drop and those football games are getting cold to attend, make yourself a fleece boa scarf with your favorite (team) colors!

1. Pick out 2-3 colors of fleece. I got 2/3 yd of each color and it made 3 scarfs.
2. Cut strips that are five inches wide and as long as you want them to hang on you.
3. Place the strips on top of each other and sew down the middle using a coordinating thread color.
4. Cut down the scarf in one inch sections to create fringe. Do not cut all the way to the sewn line.

5. Shake it out, ruffle it up and wear it!!


  1. made two of these scarves with three layers... turned out beautiful.Easy directions. made it double lenght to either have super long or double it around the neck. giving as christmas gifts.

  2. I am organizing people to make GREEN AND WHITE scarves for SANDYHOOK School in Newtown- would any of you be interested - each stitch filled with love and a prayer- they can be mailed to me for delivery just the day before the one month anniversary at Lisa DeWolf 103 Barnard drive Newington ct 06111
    we have a FB page Hugs for Newtown and also an email at
    my phone it 860-561-5711 I really need help - if you cannot help perhaps you can copy and paste this into an email or on your own FB pages.. .thank you - we need 3000 for all the school children to wear each and every day knowing they are being HUGGED and prayed for by the world....

  3. Have you tried it with 3 colors? Just curious how it lays before I attempt to duplicate this!