Sunday, December 11, 2011

JOY Fabric Canvas

Add this simple and easy project to your Christmas decor. 


3 Art Canvases of the same size ( You could also use wood boards) (I used 6 by 8's) 
1/3 yard Christmas fabric 
  3 Wooden Letters J, O, & Y 
Acrylic Paint & a foam brush 
Glue gun 
Fabric Scissors

1. On large surface or table, lay fabric face down. Place canvas on fabric and cut fabric  around 2 inches extra per side. That way, you will be able to stretch the fabric around the canvas. Staple and stretch fabric around canvas. Repeat with remaining two canvases. 

2. Paint wooden letters and allow to dry. Once dry, align letters on fabric covered canvas, placing them in the center of the canvas. To do this, I used my sewing ruler and laid it on the canvas while gluing enabling me to be able to make sure it was straight and in the right place each time. Repeat with remaining two letters.


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