Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring break is a great time to explore your craftier side with your kiddos. These crafts are fun and easy for younger kids.

 Spring Placemat

You’ll need: brightly colored construction paper in 2 colors, scissors, glue 
Directions: Fold one piece of construction paper in half and cut 1” lines down the center, leaving an edge of about 1” on the sides. Cut the other piece of paper into 1’ strips. Weave the paper strips through the pre-cut lines, alternating colors. Secure each end with glue. For fun, use different colors for each family member.

Toilet Paper Vase of Flowers

You’ll need: 1 toilet paper roll, a strip of construction paper for covering the roll, green stems cut out of construction paper, flower tops cut out of construction paper, glue, scissors
Directions: Cover an empty toilet paper roll with construction paper and secure with glue. Cut strips of green paper for stems. Draw or trace flowers onto construction paper and cut out. Glue flower tops to stems and allow to dry. Glue flowers into “vase”, facing out.

Paper Plate Ladybug

You’ll need: a paper plate, red and black markers, pipe-cleaners, scissors, glue
Directions: Draw the template of a ladybug onto the back of the paper plate. Color in the template with red and black markers. (Depending on the child’s age, you can have them draw the template or you can draw it and have them color it in) Cut a pipe-cleaner into 6 equal pieces for the legs, and 2 equal, curved pieces for the antennae. Secure legs to the bottom and antennae to the top with glue. Allow to dry.

Handprint Butterfly

You’ll need: 2 pieces of construction paper (different colors) plus 2 small black strips for the antennae, marker, glue, scissors, stickers for decorating
Directions: Trace child’s hands out of one color of construction paper and cut out. Trace and cut out a long oval for the body out of a different colored paper. Attach black antennae and handprints to oval with glue. Allow to dry, and then draw on a face and decorate with strickers.

Tooth Fairy Pouch

You’ll need: 1 small favor bag (found in wedding or party supplies), glitter glue pen 
Directions: Draw or trace the outline of a tooth on the bag with glitter glue pen. Allow to dry completely. Put lost teeth in the bag under a child’s pillow and check the bag in the morning for a delivery from the Tooth Fairy!

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