Monday, December 12, 2011

Foam Christmas Tree

Sometimes the best ideas result from trial and error. My husband and I had the idea to create a foam Christmas tree together for a holiday craft. We cruised the aisles of Hobby Lobby until we came home with a collection of goodies that complimented each other. Our first attempts, however, were unsuccessful, and it took a lot of shifting and brainstorming to finally come up with a product that we both loved. Now, we have a beautiful addition to our holiday d├ęcor.

Styrofoam cone
Dowel rod
Wooden base
Green spray paint
30 feet of large ribbon
Decorative rope
Star ornament or small tree topper
Small decorative gifts
Hot glue gun

1.       Spray paint Styrofoam cone, dowel rod, and wooden base with green spray paint (or color of your choice). Allow to dry overnight.
2.       Measure out about 9-10 pieces of folded over ribbon to create the first ribbon layer. Hot glue the loose ends of the ribbon together and then attach to the cone, overlapping each piece to cover the Styrofoam.
3.       Continue layering ribbon, moving up the tree. Be sure to overlap ribbon so that foam cannot be seen beneath.
4.       Once layers reach the top, attach a single piece of ribbon to cover the tip of the cone. Cover by wrapping an additional piece of ribbon around the top layer.
5.       Use hot glue to attach star to the tip. (Or use attached wire to screw the star into the top)
6.       Drill a hole into the wooden base to fit the dowel rod. Fill hole with hot glue and insert the dowel. Allow to dry and then gently screw the rod into the base of the foam cone.
7.       Attach rope to the top of the tree and wrap it downwards, attaching the end with hot glue.
8.       Arrange gifts on the wooden base in desired array. Attach using hot glue.

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