Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fabric Heart Coasters

As I was trying to come up with a craft project this week, my mom mentioned these heart coasters she had made with a friend last weekend. After talking to her, I decided to run to Hobby Lobby and pick up some fabric. This project doesn't take much fabric and can be designed to fit any holiday. I am planning on making some for St. Patrick's Day and Easter as well. 

  • Valentine's Day Fabric
  • Batting 
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Heart Template (I designed my own heart template using a heart cookie cutter. First, I traced it on to computer paper. Then, I decided that I wanted the heart to be a little bigger because I knew that I would lose some of it when I took a seam. To make it a little bit bigger, I just drew a heart around the traced cookie heart.) 
1. Cut out heart template and pin to fabric. Cut out fabric hearts. Once fabric heart is cut out, pin fabric heart to batting and cut out. You will need two heart fabric cutouts and 1 piece of bating for each coaster.

2. Take two fabric hearts, right sides together, and place onto of heart batting. Pin together, lining up sides.

3. Sew 1/4 inch around heart, leaving 2 inch gap on one of the straight sides. Turn right side out and iron.

4. Pin gap closed. Using zigzag stitch, stitch around entire heart, closing gap.

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