Friday, November 18, 2011

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Gift Exchange Poem

Last year I went to a ornament exchange with some wives and we used this neat little poem to decide who got what ornament. Just have everyone wrap up their ornament, give each person in attendance a number and have some fun!!

1. Lucky you, you're # 1

You get to start all the fun.

So grab a gift and grab it quick.

Cause you're the one who gets first pick.

2. Number 2 you're on the way.

It's time for you to have your say.

Get your gift and when you're done,

Swap it off with number 1.

3. Number 3 its plain to see.

It's your turn to pick which gift `twill be.

And when your choosing job is through,

Swap with 1 and then with 2.

4. Number 4 must use your head.

So grab a gift that has some red.

If it doesn't suit you to a `T',

You may swap with 2 or 3.

5. Jump to it 5, don't drag your feet.

Take your gift back to your seat.

Wonder of wonders, it's yours for a spell.

But what comes next, you can never tell.

6. Number 6 it's your time to go.

Grab a gift and don't be slow.

Now put on a smile so they won't be sore,

Cause you must swap with #4.

7. Is a lucky number it seems,

You choose a gift that has some green.

Poke it, and shake it until you get back.

Now trade with someone wearing black.

8. Number 8 its up to you.

To get a gift that has some blue.

Now go quietly to your place.

Or trade with someone with a smiling face.

9. Nine, we haven't forgotten you.

So choose your gift and don't be blue.

Consider well and when all is said.

Trade with someone wearing red.

10. Number 10 come to the front.

For yours you shouldn't have to hunt.

Now hurry back and look alive.

For you get to swap with #5.

11. Your turn 11 is finally here.

Pick a gift and hold it near.

Back at your seat look both ways.

If your choice was right then it may stay.

12. Number 12 jump to it sir/girl.

Make your choice, and with a whirl

Glance around to see who's where.

Swap with whomever's got the darkest hair.

13. Well, now, what do you know.

It's finally 13's turn to go.

There you go, you're doing fine.

Now swap with 3 or 6 or 9.

14. Number 14 it's your turn to shine.

So find a gift and don't you pine.

Somewhere you really have a friend.

You get to trade with number 10.

15. Number 15 how do you do?

There should be a fit up there for you.

So pick one out without delay.

Now trade with someone wearing gray.

16. Number 16 your patience is great.

Go get a gift and don't be late.

When your return, spin around.

And switch with someone wearing brown.

17. 17 your choice is here.

Find a box and hold it near.

When you return and look behind.

Swap with 11 if you don't mind.

18. Number 18 boogie to the tree.

Choose the largest gift you see.

Admire it well, then turn with a wink.

And swap with someone wearing pink.

19. Now #19, do as you're told.

Find a gift which has some gold.

When you've chosen we must be fair,

Trade with whoever has the blondest hair.

20. Number 20 how patiently you've waited.

Go get a gift before it's outdated.

Shake it a bit and look around the floor.

Swap it with someone who's five feet four.

21. 21 it's time for fun.

For swapping time has just begun.

After trading with 4 and 9.

Swap with two even numbers--That's fine.

22. 22 it's time to make your way.

Get a gift that's pretty and gay.

Now get ready to use your bean.

You must swap with 8 and 14.

23. 23 your turn has come.

Choose your gift with a lithe hum.

Look it over and when you're through.

You may swap with a number having 2.

24. Number 24 have you been bored?

Well, we'd like to show you you're adored.

So choose a box, see what you get.

Now you may trade with a brunette.

25. Let's go 25, look alive.

Pick a gift of any size.

Show the gang that you're O.K.

And swap with anyone you say.

26. It's time for 26 to mix.

Get a gift if just for kicks.

For you're to trade, if you have the knack.

With anyone whose shoes aren't black.

27. Number 27 how lucky you are.

You've seen all the gifts chosen so far.

If a pretty box catches your eye.

Grab it, make a trade, and don't be shy.

28. Hop up 28, don't drag your feet.

Study your gift as you reach your seat.

Now grin a bit and smile some more.

Trade with 22, then 24.

29. Number 29 you must wake up.

Run up there as spry as a pup.

Make your choice, isn't this keen?

But you must swap with 17.

30. Number 30 your wait was long.

But when we're through you'll sing a song.

Just look them over from small to large.

See a favorite? Then forward charge!

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