Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Great for younger kids, these crafts will keep the creative juices flowing this fall with everyday items, great for indoor projects.

30 Days of Thanks

 Take kids on a leaf hunt to find 2-4 nicely shaped leaves (or find templates online or in a craft store). Have children trace leaves on a variety of fall-colored construction paper and carefully cut them out.

Throughout November, have children write (or help them write) one thing they are thankful for on a leaf. Hang the leaves as a display for children to be proud of.

Bird Feeder

 Save a collection of toilet paper rolls. Spread each tube with creamy peanut butter. Pour a cup of bird seed on a plate and have children roll the tube to cover completely.

Slide tube onto a tree branch and watch the birdies feast.

Fingerprint Fall Tree

 Help children paint hand and wrist with brown paint. Press handprint onto plain, white paper. Dip fingertips into fall-colored paint and press onto tree “branches” (fingers) to create leaves. Mount on construction paper for a matted look.

Apple Mosaic

 Have children tear a piece of yellow or red construction paper into small pieces. Trace and cut out the shape of a large apple on cardstock. Let kids arrange paper bits around the apple surface until completely covered; glue to secure. Tear off a rectangular piece of green or brown paper for a stem.

Thankful Tree

 At a local craft store, buy preformed foam tree and sticky leaves or foam sheets to create your own. Have children construct tree. On each leaf, have kids write something they are thankful for. Stick leaves on tree branches for display. 

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