Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornament

My friend and I saw these cute Christmas tree ornaments in Target made out of felt and beads. We decided to be crafty and make them ourselves. It took a bit to figure out how to make everything work but in the end we had a lot of fun!

Felt with self adhesive on the back
Foam sheets of coordinating colors with the felt
Medium sized beads
Bell or star for the top
Glue gun

1. Cut out 7-9 circles from the felt that gradually get smaller.
2. Cut out the same size circles from the foam sheet.
3. Adhere matching sized felt and foam circles putting the foam on the bottom.
4. Thread a sewing needle with the color thread you want to use.
5. Tie a bead to the end of the thread.
6. Place felt/foam circles and beads on the thread from largest circle to smallest alternating circle bead. So it would go like this, base bead, largest circle, bead, circle, bead etc until you put the last beat on.
7. Leave a little thread sticking off the top and hot glue a bell or star to the top circle.
8. Use more thread to create a loop at the top of the bell or bead to hang the ornament.
9. Hot glue the tied bead at the bottom to the largest circle too.

Optional: Add tiny bells or puffy paint on the felt to create the look of a decorated tree.

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