Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Yarn Wreath

Looking for a simple craft for a February spruce-up? This simple yarn wreath provides a touch of Valentine’s spirit and color.

You’ll need: a heart-shaped foam wreath base, yarn (I used multi-color yarn), a hot glue gun, a strip of ribbon, and embellishments. I found all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. 

To begin, use hot glue to secure the ribbon strip to the top of the heart in a loop (used for hanging the wreath). Attach the beginning of the yarn to the bottom of the heart with hot glue and begin wrapping around the wreath, pushing the yarn close together so that you can no longer see the white base.

Keep wrapping. (Hint: When you come to a stopping point, simply glue the yarn down where you stopped to avoid unraveling.) On the top and bottom of the heart, the yarn will need to be securely glued in order to maintain its form. (Make sure to pull out the secured ribbon for hanging)

When the yarn completely covers the wreath base, snip off the end and attach with glue.

Play with the embellishments to decide on a layout; then use hot glue to secure to the wreath.

Allow your wreath to dry and hang. 

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