Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Canvas Map

I love maps. We have two map lamp shades in our living room and are lacking any wall art. Part of the reason is because we will be moving sometime this spring but I was wanting to add something to the walls. I wanted it to be map related so I search online for a cheap map and surprisingly was able to get this map for .18 cents plus 3.99 shipping. Perfect for this project.

24 by 36 Map
6 12 by 12 Canvases
Coordinating Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Spray Adhesive
Cutting board, Ruler, & Rotary Cutter

1. Paint sides and edges of all six canvases using a paint color that coordinates with your map. Allow to dry.

 2. While paint is drying, measure and cut map into 6 12 by 12 pieces using a cutting map, ruler and rotary cutter.

3. Spray canvas top with spray adhesive and carefully apply map piece to canvas, pressing down as you go. Repeat with 5 additional canvases. Allow to dry. 

4. Hang in your living room or another place in your house to enjoy. 

(I didn't measure very well and my spacing isn't perfect but since we will be moving soon, it didn't really matter)

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  1. Where online did you find the map? This is such a fun idea :)