Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Glitter Shoes

I love wearing flats. My favorite pair of flats were silver but after years of wear, they are no longer wearable. They are still in my closet as I don't have the heart to throw them out but they aren't going to be wore anytime soon. Last week, when I started subbing, I stopped at Target on my way home from work and picked up a brand new pair of black flats. I already had the same shoes but the ones I had were getting worn on the outside and had a few spots of them. I decided to change those flats into glitter flats and now I just love them and can't wait to wear them out!

Supplies: (plus a shoe box or something to pour the glitter over)

How to glitter your own shoes: 

1. Combine Mod Podge and glitter in empty cup. I didn't measure how much I poured in but you will want to make sure you use a lot of glitter. (Note: I only used this method for the first two coats, although it could be used for all coats)

2. Begin by painting on glitter Mod Podge mixture onto shoe. Cover all areas of shoe you want completely. Then, Allow 20-30 minutes to dry between coats. You may continue this method until your shoes are glittered to your liking.


3. What I ended up doing was brushing glue onto the shoe, different sections at a time and then pouring the glitter over the shoe until the shoe was completely covered and full of glitter.

4. Once dry, cover shoe in final layer of Mod Podge to seal.

Note: If doing this again, I would recommend taping the bottom of the shoe and filling the inside of the shoe so that it doesn't get covered in glitter. There will be glitter everywhere when doing this project!

**I am slightly worried about tracking glitter everywhere and have even gone outside and stomped around to try and lose as much glitter as possible before wearing them out in public. To my surprise, I have hardly lost any glitter when "stomping" around so I guess only time will tell. 

I plan on wearing my new shoes this weekend when we go and see The Vow. I'll let you know how much glitter I lose along the way :)

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